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Saratoga Square Apartments
7816 Rolling View Lane
Springfield, VA 22153
Phone: 703-455-1100

Directions: Driving Directions
Driving Directions: I-495 to I-95 South. Take exit 166B (Virginia 7100 N) toward Heller Road/Fairfax County Parkway. Keep to the left onto VA-286/Fairfax County Pkwy. Take the exit ramp for Barta Rd and turn left onto Barta Rd. Proceed straight and Saratoga Square will be located on the right corner of Rolling Rd and Edinburgh Dr.


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      Air Movers, Inc.
    7721b Fullerton Road
    Springfield, VA 22153
    Industry: Plumbing, heating, air-conditioning
    Phone: (703) 451-7477


      Fire Watch Services, Inc.
    7664l Fullerton Road
    Springfield, VA 22153
    Industry: Plumbing, heating, air-conditioning
    Phone: (703) 913-3070


      Northern Virginia Ac
    7644d Fullerton Road
    Springfield, VA 22153
    Industry: Plumbing, heating, air-conditioning
    Phone: (703) 569-6822


      Hudson-Shatz Mid-Atlantic Painting Company
    7942 Cluny Court
    Springfield, VA 22153
    Industry: Painting and paper hanging
    Phone: (703) 455-1400


      Builders Floor Service, Inc.
    7904 Yarnwood Court
    Springfield, VA 22153
    Industry: Floor laying and floor work, misc
    Phone: (703) 569-6000


      Function Enterprises, Inc.
    7954 Cameron Brown Court
    Springfield, VA 22153
    Industry: Roofing, siding, and sheet metal work
    Phone: (703) 569-2422


      Jej Food Company
    7608a Fullerton Road
    Springfield, VA 22153
    Industry: Canned specialties
    Phone: (703) 455-0155


      Ark Publications, Inc.
    7400 Fullerton Road
    Springfield, VA 22153
    Industry: Commercial printing, lithographic
    Phone: (703) 866-2900


      Goetz Printing Company, Inc.
    7939 Angus Court
    Springfield, VA 22153
    Industry: Commercial printing, lithographic
    Phone: (703) 569-8232


      Best Industries, Inc.
    7643 Fullerton Road
    Springfield, VA 22153
    Industry: Pharmaceutical preparations
    Phone: (703) 451-2378


      Sicpa Securink Corporation
    8000 Research Way
    Springfield, VA 22153
    Industry: Printing ink
    Phone: (703) 455-8050


      Firejet, Inc.
    7200 Trappers Place
    Springfield, VA 22153
    Industry: Welding apparatus
    Phone: (703) 451-6466


      Allnewsco, Inc.
    7600 Boston Boulevard
    Springfield, VA 22153
    Industry: Cable and pay television services
    Phone: (703) 912-5300


      Northern Virginia Supply, Inc.
    7647a Fullerton Road
    Springfield, VA 22153
    Industry: Motor vehicle supplies and new parts
    Phone: (703) 569-7177


      Coyle & Kleppinger, Inc.
    7420 Fullerton Road
    Springfield, VA 22153
    Industry: Lumber, plywood, and millwork
    Phone: (703) 644-9677


      Reliable Computer Parts, Inc.
    7401a Fullerton Road
    Springfield, VA 22153
    Industry: Computers, peripherals, and software
    Phone: (703) 569-5300


      Columbia Diagnostics, Inc.
    8001 Research Way
    Springfield, VA 22153
    Industry: Medical and hospital equipment
    Phone: (703) 569-7511


      Daubers, Inc.
    7645 Dynatech Court
    Springfield, VA 22153
    Industry: Electrical appl., television, and radio
    Phone: (703) 866-3600


      Logistics Supply Corporation
    7813 Valleyfield Drive
    Springfield, VA 22153
    Industry: Electronic parts and equipment, misc
    Phone: (703) 569-8151


      J.T. Enterprise
    9219 Beachway Lane
    Springfield, VA 22153
    Industry: Plumbing and hydronic heating supplies
    Phone: (703) 644-2214

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